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Want to know more about Sustainable Development Goals and how to implement them in practice? Are you willing to act for a sustainable future? Do you want to Think Global, Act Local and Collab at Sustain.ALL?


Then you’re the perfect fit for this lab !!!

This lab provides you with the opportunity to educate yourself in sustainability through our service-learning program, working/ realizing projects with students from different disciplines, having workshops and excursions with partner companies focused on specific SDGs.

Registrations are now open..!!


Get Educated

Through training from expert faculties on sustainability, approaches to achieve sustainability and to discuss the environmental, social, and economic aspects of SDGs.

Develop Skills

Through participating in group work and presentations and outside-of-school learning experience.

Gain Experience

Through our service-learning program, working on a Project with partner companies focused on specific SDGs.

Connect with People

Connect with project partners and explore opportunities.

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Knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals and to discuss the sociological, ecological, economical, and ethical aspects of the SDGs with people from different disciplines.

Using different methods to collect data for analyzing the needs and critical thinking, research in the target group, and insightful presentation to heterogeneous audience.

Conduct literature research, newest technologies, expert workshops, and webinars.

Able to work with an interactive solution-based digital learning platform.

Use the theoretical knowledge gained at the university including project management skills to work on SDG-related practical business projects.

Analyze socio-cultural conditions, state of the art, identify the main problems related to social, economic, and environmental sustainability, and adapt the technology to develop a solution for it.

Communicate interculturally and reflect on this communication, online (during the preparation and evaluation) and in-person.



The course is taught in lectures, workshops and through group assignments or team project work. These will be held in both digital and in person formats.


Group assignments are organised as sustainable impact projects, undertaken by student teams mentored jointly by tutors and project partners.

In the project work, students work on SDG-related  problems in smaller groups (approx. 3-4 participants per group) and have workshops/excursions from experts in the field and also from project partners.


The progress is documented in short presentations by the students. At the end of the semester, a final presentation with discussion/review and a video of the presentation will be prepared and evaluated.


The course will be conducted in 4 hours intensive sessions each week with theory and practical team activities.

Program Superviser

Prof. Dr. Andrea Cominola,
Chair of Smart Water Networks,
Technische Universität Berlin - Einstein Center Digital Future
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